Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I received this article via email My initial thought was "What great insight on why the marriage/ successful marriage stats for my age group are so dismal" I even planned to buy the book. However, after I good night's sleep, I realized this is yet another book instructing women on what to do solve what is a "Masculine Crisis". Of course, it makes perfect economic sense to write a book like this for women - we buy books like don't....

The problem is too many people continue to assume (including the author of this book) that if a woman changes her behavior a man will behave differently .... And in some cases that assumption may in fact be correct. However, in marriage that approach has a fundamental flaw - it will not result in changing a man's beliefs or values or result in sustainable behavior. Another problem with this approach is MEN (individually and collectively) need to be responsible for solving their crisis by dealing with it openly and honestly. Leadership, masculine leadership and accountability are required to solve this problem.

And the most exhausting problem created by "women can fix-it" approach is that is forces women into a long-term pattern of behavior geared to "getting" men to behave like honorable, responsible adult MEN (I intentionally did not use the word male, because this issue goes beyond biology and basic gender).

So my question is when will the MEN step into leadership and seek to help each other grow and heal?