Sunday, March 30, 2008

Follow and Then Follow Some More

Have you ever been hurt so deeply that you can’t even cry? I find myself surprised that I cannot muster the tears that most would believe my situation warrants. The drama. The pain. The prolonged non-resolution…..

You know you think by the time you are 40-something God has set you on a path and in your mature wisdom you have agreed to follow it. AND then in the midst - ‘stuff’ you never expected or foresaw show up in your life. If you are lucky – it is unexpected success and joy. If you are really lucky – it is challenge and pain and the realization that there is NOTHING greater than God in your life. In spite of it all – I never cease to remember that God has a plan for my life and that HE is going somewhere (God only knows where J) but some where with this chaos and madness.

My spouse and I are 3 years into this sad drama and no closer to resolution than we were when I moved out 18 months ago. I have gotten very comfortable in my new life without him so reconciliation seems unrealistic and he has not appropriately followed through on the dissolution (it is after all about masculine leadership in the family – for me anyway). So we live in a gray area – I have resumed wearing my wedding ring as a reminder that marriage is sacred and until it is resolved legally and spiritually by my spouse - we are bound no matter how sad the state of our bondage. Recently, I found myself trying to explain to a friend with a secular understanding of marriage why I have not “forced” the dissolution (truthfully it’s not possible), but mid-sentence I realized I was explaining a sacred relationship to someone with only a worldly/popular understanding of marriage. So I shut-up – there is no need to explain – God’s Will –will be done.

The joy – God is forever giving us sign posts – we just have to pay attention so we can recognize that we have not been forsaken by HIM. For me, this week it was Myles, Risa, and Lloyd. Myles, dear beloved Myles (he’s a little older and wiser – praise God for a godly surrendered man) Myles shared with me that while your 40’s FEEL great – God will test you to see if you really understand surrender. And that you can and will follow HIS word in the face of your fears. Bless you Myles!! Risa, my darling Risa Mae (surprising how many people still believe Mae is her middle name - it’s a name I stuck her with because of her genuine southern warmth and authenticity). This week she shared with me how her prayer life is blossoming – literally on fire. She prayed for me. I have no rent money this month – yet her words of comfort and faith calmed my soul and stilled my racing mind enough for me to focus on the billable work I do have – we prayed via instant messenger – after 20 years of friendship we use the tools at hand J AND Pastor Lloyd Harrison – Oh my soul!! Lloyd is a family friend – always around Uncle Booney and my recently deceased Aunt Erine’s (Edwina – we always had her name wrong) kids. He’s a senior pastor at Willow Street Church of God It was visitors’ day at the church today so I went with my Uncle and Cousins. What a message – “The Cure for Carnality” First let me say I say I was tickled pink (almost fuchsia) by what a dynamic speaker he is – then the message was so appropriate for the week I have had and where I am in my marital strife. His sermon was about relationships and the friends who really love you and stand by you through the good and bad. It was also about discernment – an uncomfortable concept – if you don’t want to confront the depth or quality of your relationships. Thank You Pastor Lloyd. His message focused on Proverbs Chapter 13:20-21 with some excursions to Corinthians and Galatians. I say “Buy the Tape” What a message – Lloyd thank you for sharing and being “authentic”.

OK – back to seeking income. Still the good news is I know where I stand and I can stand there unafraid. Notice I did not say without anxiety – my flesh will always respond to anxiety – its natural. Some moments – I am out of my mind with anxiety. I go to ground in prayer. My heart and relationship with God with remind to tell my flesh to be still – while I turn to God for real, lasting answers.